Thursday, March 02, 2006

Someone is feeling naughty today.

Xx faked mc and skipped work. Well, we did a little sin having KFC @ Bishan. She kept drooling over Jay Chow even though she always claim she�s goner be a les. She did drool over Jennifer Aniston in Rumor Has It though, simply can�t stop commenting how sexy that babe was throughout the whole show. And poor me, shivering cold in the cinema, without any warmth hand to hold on..

After accompanying her to douby gaut (how do you spell?) for lan gaming, I took the train ride home alone. Watching that earlier show made me think about a lot of stuff. How people view love nowadays? How easily one person can fall for another? I realised many people grow to like someone out of spur. They hang out with each other once or twice, they enjoyed the time together, and then they claimed it is love. That�s just not right isn�t it? Love is not about trying out? Or maybe it is, in most guys� perspective..

So what is real love? It is definitely not a fling, not the kind of feeling where you think you goner have fun. When you really love someone, you won�t mind all his bad habits. You won�t complain about this and getting angry about that. You love him for who he is. You worry about him. You always have him in your heart and mind. You love him and you are willing to be with him for the rest of your life.

Maybe this kind of love is too perfect. Maybe this kind of love is too absurd. And maybe this is why many think true love doesn�t exist..

Women are such delicate yet loving creatures. 99% of them yearn for happiness and true love, nothing else. And because their desires are so strong, they are willing to do anything in exchange. No matter how hideous and ugly their guys� hearts may be, they will still hang on to their beliefs and fight. Maybe that�s why when we see our dear girls getting trampled on so badly by those jerks, they simply refused to face reality. Deep inside they are still hoping for a miracle, even though it simply doesn�t exist. Of course, there is always the exceptional 1% who enjoys toying with guys� feelings. I know a few, and I don�t blame them at all..

Forgive me for talking about love all the time. Maybe I just have more female hormones than others, thats all.


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