Wednesday, February 22, 2006

She asked me why I like her so much. Is there a need for a reason? Must I like her because she�s sweet? Must I like her because she�s caring? Or must I like her because she�s pretty? If so I rather like her because of her altitude, her temper, and her feelings towards me. In that case I won�t miss out anything for not liking her isn�t it?

I just like her the way she is.

I wish I can fall for the ugliest woman in the world. That will be the most beautiful love of my life? I don�t deny looks may play a part in my feelings. But to me, looks is more like honey, a sweet bonus. Yet too sweet, and it attracts unwanted bees. They sting and it hurts. Because of these bees, many ended their lives without a chance to know how honey taste like. I had tasted honey and I had been stung by bees. Now, I just want to be with anyone my feelings bring me to.

I just want to be with her.

She may not have noticed, but we share so many common things. We enjoy romance movies. We love to watch soccer matches. We like the same songs. We both love our grandpa. We love our friends. We are both too hurt in the game of love. We have both seen so much in life. I dare not say I understand her. But I dare say I understand her more bit by bit everyday. One thing for sure, we both treasure love more than anything else.

I just want to treasure her.

The feelings have grown too strong for me to deny myself. It hurts, but it is as wonderful. Her single care beats a thousand disappointments. Her single ignorance kills a thousand hopes. It is a double edge sword. I have fallen too deep, be it heaven or hell. Everything else is too late. She is my everything now.

I just love her.


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