Thursday, February 23, 2006

Today is quite a boring day.

Didn�t head out at all except for buying ToTo. I�m not a gambler, but I do have a habit of buying 2-3 bucks every draw. Old people love to buy 4-D and ToTo isn�t it? Maybe I�m getting old too.

Business isn�t so good nowadays. Xmas, New Year, CNY. The mood is still on and the market is still sleeping. Too much demand yet no supplies. Time for a change of plans? Have to start racking my brains again. Its time to dig out the supplies. =D

Calvin goner fly back this Friday. Sad we couldn�t have a farewell. Cal, if you�re reading this, bon voyage. Enjoy life while you can over there pal. Take good care of yourself. See you soon again.

Started to chat more with Alison nowadays. In fact we never clicked. Used to think its either I�m too lame or she�s too dao. But it turns out she�s a pretty friendly girl. Its funny how I know her years back. She was only a sec school kid! But seeing her grew, through jc and now uni, time really flies. Geez I�m really getting old..

Kill Bill, You�ve Got Mail, Jarhead, Love Actually and 13 Going On 30 are still downloading. I goner have lotsa movies to watch nowadays. Ever since my Serendipity I have been searching other shows. If you peeps have any shows you missed, let me know, I�ll burn for you.

Just watched A Lot Like Love. A nice show, but watching it twice doesn�t give me the sweet feeling anymore. It took Oliver and Emily 6 years and 6 months to get together in the end. How long will mine take? Heaven knows.

Starting to have a very bad feeling nowadays. No matter how much I desire, I�m simply just a friend. Not able to chat much. Not able to hang out. Not able to let her feel the same. Day by day I�ll stare at her msn window, wondering when she will reply. I tried talking to her about all sorts of stuff, but always the usual short replies. She told me fairytales do come true. I wish too..

Its a boring blog for a boring day.


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