Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yet another weekend..

Was at Seoul Garden last night with Samuel and CG. All 3 of us realised that the last time either of us visited Seoul Garden was back in sec school days. It was quite a hit back then. Memories. =]

Was pretty disappointed in the service. First of all, that mat allowed a late customer to be seated before us. He literally skipped us in the queue and asked the lady behind instead. We made a fuss trying to tell him we came earlier, but all he told us was WAIT. So we tried talking to the manager, and she kept apologising on that mat�s behalf. When she told him to apologise to us, all he did was smile. You don�t know how much I wish to smack his smirking face.

I�m having the craving for ktv again..

I�m glad my brother and future sis in law is alright again. Apparently bro snapped thinking he wasn�t good enough for her, and she�ll only suffer with him. So he somehow decided he should leave her and let her find someone better. She was so sad. How silly can he be? Sis in law loves him so much. She is more than willing to accompany him for the rest of his life, be it luxury or poverty. That�s true love, I guess.

I�m so happy seeing sis in law today. We had mahjong. I won. =D

Realised I�m in deeper and deeper each passing day. I get to msn with her every night, but I�m always staring at the screen wondering what to type. Always racking my brain and hoping we will hit off, even though we usually don�t really click. I'm wondering if its just me. I wish to understand her more. I really wish we can chat more. How I wish we were meant for each other. I wanna spend all my time with her. Mood are said to be affected by weather. She is my weather. I�m already smitten, totally. I had never felt anything like this before, going so crazy over her. This is madness..

I had just packed up my stuff for tomorrow and its goner be a busy day. I�ll set off early in the morning for my destination, hoping everything goes according to plan. It may be a sudden decision, and preparation is definitely not sufficient. In fact everything is so badly done I really wanted to call off tomorrow�s plan. But I believe its either tomorrow or never. So lets wait and see..


No worries, I�ll keep you peeps updated.


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