Saturday, March 04, 2006

4th March 2006. I�ll remember this day for life.

Was having my usual mahjong session just now when my hp rang. Stopping the game, I immediately rushed down and ransacked my letterbox. And there it is, a big parcel, staring at me.

Carefully opening the big envelope, I was totally smitten by what I saw inside. A Forever Friend love shaped keychain. An Underworld Evolution postal card. A �Specially For You� letter with lotsa love. Last but not least, a big pack of heart shaped candies that I simply adore.

They are now my precious treasures.

I�m really surprised. I�m overjoyed. I�m lost for words to describe my feelings right now. To receive so much love and sweetness from someone you heart, this is priceless. Nothing can get into my mind now. I only can think of the time and effort she spent putting together this wonderful gift for me.

I�m now the happiest man in the world.

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