Sunday, March 05, 2006

I met Inin today.

Had a call from her, and I went down to Causeway Point. She seemed fine, radiant as ever, and slimmer from the last time I saw her. I believe she�s doing great, happy, and as cheerful as ever. Finally took back my racket from her after such a long time.

For those who have no idea who she is, she�s my last girlfriend. We broke up on October 2004. Causeway Point is a place full of memories for us, and today was like a stroll back in memory lane. The feelings I felt is so real, it is like we were still together again. But we both knew it is impossible already.

I hate to be in love!

I hate to love someone so much yet unable to be with her. Min and I aren�t together after such a long struggle. Inin and I broke up in the end even though we love each other so much. And now Miss Tan. She showed me a very sweet photo of her gramp and granny together. I want to be with her the same sweet way. But does she? All my friends tell me that the surprise means something. Does it?

I think I need an answer..

I�m a shy guy. I�m not the kind who will go outside and ask for girls� numbers. I�m not the kind who will go clubbing and dance with strangers. I�m definitely not the kind who will appear at my love one�s doorsteps everyday until she finally accepts me. I�m not daring. I�m not romantic. I�m definitely not passive. I�m fragile with my feelings. My heart is only good for loving, not breaking.

I don�t wish to get hurt anymore..

I�m in a very bad mood now. I�m very pissed off with the word love. I wish my heart will just drop dead right now and stop loving anyone anymore.

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