Friday, March 03, 2006

Happening day.

Woke up early in the morning and saw lotsa lotsa smoke outside the window. I seriously thought my block was on fire, but it turned out to be some idiots setting fire in the open field. The view was quite spectacular though, seeing how the fire spreads, and the burnt grass drawing a huge black circle in the field.

Look at the smoke -_-

A closer view. Saw the burnt patch?

Supposed to meet Xx for dinner today, ended up meeting 2 of her best sisters too. Amber and Ferline, both really nice girls, and I can see they really care for Xx. Good friendships are so hard to come by, I�m so envious can.

We had lotsa food today, and I�m supposed to be on diet. Dinner was New York Pizza @ Khatib. The girls chatted their hearts out, and were cursing bastards and jerks most of the time. Were supposed to have mahjong @ Ferline�s place, but it was kinda late and we ended up watching tv and playing with her rabbits. They are damn adorable can? Anyway we went to have prata for supper soon after and chit chatted till about 2am. Damn tired..

I'm feeding them. So cute can?

Its been months already. I really hope Xx will get out of her misery soon. You know, after the storm clears and the dark clouds disperse, you will see your rainbow. Moving on is always a miserable progress that everyone tries to shun. But without going through that, you will always be stuck at the same point. That explains so much of your meaningless life now. Talk is cheap. We all know. But believe me. We�ll always be there for you..

So quit talking about silly things unless you buy yourself an insurance and put my name =P

I�m kinda frustrated now. There�s this bug that keeps trying to get into my room. Grrr..

Shag. I�m out.


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