Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What a tiring day..

Got cheated by Xx today. Supposed to meet her for prata, accompany her to collect her cert and off to town to meet her friends. But she didn�t mention her school is at Sterling Road! End up taking cab to both school and town and spent a whole day running around. Quite fun though. =P

I was late today. No excuse, but I was anticipating Xx to be late as usual so I took my time. Had my deserved punishment, forced to buy tarot cards for that crazy lady. Met up with my good pal Kenny @ Kinokuniya too. He looked kinda different from before, more pale and restless, must be the long working hours? Or perhaps he just lack love, hope he will find a nice guy soon. Yea, he is a gay. So?

Saw Final Destination 3. I was thinking of how each of them will die before it really happened. Scared the shit out of myself. That show made me realised something too. If its time to die, its time to die. So in the mean time, enjoy life! Haha. Just hope I won�t die with something up where you will know if you watch that show. =P

Met 2 of Xx�s guy friends today. Seriously felt like a bright lightbulb. Didn�t realise Xx is actually being pursued by so many guys, not until I saw them myself. They are really nice chaps from what I see, but sadly nice guys are usually left to rot. 3 good examples today. Feelings are still the most important to me when it comes to love, but being nice usually doesn�t give girls much feeling. Maybe we�re just too nice ya. Lol..

Xx still sound as troubled as before. Had a good talk while strolling her back home. Love is so shitty sometimes you know? Cupid is slacking over the years. The value of love is plunging. People divorce as easily as they get married. Couple fights like WWF. And heartbreaks are as frequent as breakfast. What is so wrong with this world?

Gyming tomorrow morning. Missed today�s because Samuel was busy. Its pretty late already, time for me to sleep. No point praying, but I wish things will go smooth for everyone I care.


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