Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Was shopping for stuff this noon @ Sunplaza, then suddenly, PIAK! My left slipper opened its big big mouth.. -.-"

Oh my, poor slipper has been with me for 2 long years. Inin bought it for me, and I have been using ever since. How am I going to live without it now? Not until I can have a replacement isn't it. Poor wallet too, in such a bad shape. Got it from Inin 2 years ago too, I'm still holding on to it. Until a replacement too, I guess..

But hey, 23rd June coming soon.. =P

Actually I just got home from my usual jog. But something went wrong halfway through, and I completed the rest of the run, limping. Seems like my old thigh wound have not recovered and it was aggravated. Worse, my shin hurts quite abit, and my loin as well. My whole left leg feels rusty and useless, giving me a big jot of pain every step I took. Walking is still alright, but I guess no more jogging for me for a long long time..

Have been tearing quite abit recently. Windstruck, the thought of losing your love ones to Death, urgh. 1 Litre of Tears, literally brought out the emotional side of me. And I saw My Girl & I today, just as touching as Windstruck. But I still prefer the original jap version though, more feelings more tears. My Girl & I was just a lesser korean variation..

But the thing that made me teared the most, was my new pair of contact lens..

4 more days before cousin Nelson goes Tekong. Good luck to him, new chapter of life awaits. He's goner have fun with the all the guys. Lets just hope he doesn't bend down during showers, hiak hiak.. =X

Tomorrow goner be a long day for me, waking early early in the morning, sigh..



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