Saturday, June 03, 2006

Something weird happened days back..

Was chatting with Alison when suddenly my phone rang. "Hello, is this MacDonalds?"

-.-" <-- instant reaction

How could someone be silly enough to call my house and ask for Mac? The number isn't even close! When I said no, that guy can still give a big laugh and hang up. Made me fuming mad..

The weirdest part is, just when I'm answering the call, Alison's phone rang too. "Hello, may I speak to Mohammad Ali?"

-____- <-- ...

Coincidental? Its like wth, people love to give prank calls nowadays? All the pea brains.. ROAR!

Anyway was chatting halfway, then Mom came in and saw me fidgeting with my camera. She just posed out of the blue, and I took the pic almost instinctively..

Isn't she sweet? My Mommy ok!

That night, I received a call from someone I least expected to call. It was like, we met 5 years ago, and had never chatted once on the phone? Yet that night we spent hours on the phone, happily chatting away. Fate is sometimes like a kid, who loves to play around..

Tonight, I'm going for my sec sch reunion dinner. My school will be demolished soon, and this will be the last dinner there. A place full of memories, very sad that it is going away. Will take lotsa photos. Will look at spots I used to play at. Will miss my school..

Can't think of anymore to type..



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