Monday, June 12, 2006

Can somebody please tell me the definition of a FRIEND?

Doesn't it vex you when you keep getting rejected or stood up? I really hate it when I tried getting them out, yet each and every single time they'll have fabulous reasons to say sorry. Worse, some simply tells you they're busy. Handling big business? Or school's so super loaded with assignments? Till the extent they can enjoy and have fun, yet unable to spare a few hours just to catch up?

For goodness sake, I did my part, I made the effort to ask. Time and time again I got disappointed, time and time again I tolerated. But what is this, my own wrong doing?

IF you made a promise to go out, MAKE SURE you do so. I seriously hate broken promises.

IF you don't wish to hang out with me in the 1st place, let me know. I'm very sure I'll NEVER bother you again.

Lets not waste each other's time and efforts.
You know who you are.
In fact there's a few.

Those who knows me will understand I do care for all my friends. If there's troubles I'll help. At times I'll send a simple 'takecare' sms. Meeting up and catching up is something I enjoy. I'm really glad most of you appreciates what I do. Thank you.

Sometimes it really shows who are the real pals who will stay by my side, and who's totally not worth the trouble.


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