Friday, June 09, 2006

When Chiuji first met Kyoko, she was already wheelchair bounded. Even though they grew to understand and love one another, but obstacles still stand in their way. Dating is restricted by steps and stairs, even family members discourage their relationship. However even though things weren’t smooth sailing, that didn't stop them from staying together..

It really takes a lot of courage to have an handicapped love..

Kyoko’s handicap wasn’t cause by accident, but by an illness. She spent years working and fulfilling her life, while waiting for her illness to get cured or worse. Especially after meeting Chiuji, her will to stay alive is at its strongest. However, reality often show us its cruel side..

When things got worse and Chiuji learnt about Kyoko’s limited time, he didn’t run away. He gave up his dreams, just to stay beside. He even chose to end his life if she was to end. Spending every last second they had, they made lotsa wonderful memories together. Right until the very end..

“You must live on..on my behalf..sorry for everything till now..thank you..” was what she last said. He didn’t cry. All he did was looking at her happy face. Her tears were still warm. That was her very last smile..

At the funeral, he volunteered to put make up on her. Her favorite face powder, lipstick, he carefully put them on, trying to make her beautiful again. He even combed her hair, like the time when she first stepped into his salon..

“Kyoko..why are you so cold..”
“Don’t ignore me..say something..”
“Smile..I made you look so least smile for me..”

He finally broke down and cried..

In the end, he fulfilled their shared dream. A little salon house by the seaside. On the walls are all their memories in photos, and in the house kept her favourite couch, her wheelchair, her pair of favourite high heels from him, and the little love ornament from her..

I wonder how much pain it feels to lose someone..
I wonder how much strength it takes to hold back the tears..
I wonder if I ever have the courage to face my love..and put on makeup for her..

It is really very sad to lose someone. Though people always stupidly say “Aiya com’on lah this is just a freaking fictional drama”, but how many will realise such shows are actually part of the reality and life? Must is always be the last moment, when they are on the verge of losing their love ones, then they will become so regretful, thinking how stupid they were not to cherish?

Its time to wake up.. If you're still dreaming away..

Anyway, Korean dramas are real time wasters with similar plots and absurd stories. Taiwan dramas only show you the sweetest stuff with the cutest girls and the smartest boys. But Japanese dramas always contain so much meanings and feelings in life..

Very obvious what my favorite type of drama is.

Typed too much for tonight I guess.


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