Sunday, June 04, 2006

Last night was such a disappointment..

Even though it was hot. Even though the food sucks. Even though it was so cramp. At least the sight of my old friends was worth all the troubles. But, how come only 8 of us showed up?

Supposed to have a few more, have no idea why they didn't turn up in the end. Shy to meet their fellow classmates after 7 years? Or just simply couldn't be bothered? I'm not too sure. But I'm just very disappointed..

Supposed to take lotsa photos, but took none with my phone in the end. Had a few shots with teachers and friends though, with their cameras. Hopefully I'll get to see them..

Felt so lost at home last night, moodswing. Maybe because of too many sad things and disappointments recently. Went crazy and took 2 pics of myself. YES, I took photos of myself. Unbelievable isn't it? Sun goner rise from another side. But ya, here they are.

2nd pic look silly. But who cares.

Introduced a few friends to watch '1 Litre of Tears' recently. I'm glad they get to watch it, because I feel it will be a good lesson in life. Cherish, determination, family, love. Ofcourse, not all humans have feelings. Some people tend to watch it with emotions, while some simply laugh at jokes, wonder about the plot, but never think of the meanings. Watch for the sake of watching huh..

I dare say those who didn't feel any touched, emotional, or learnt any meanings from the show, they are not any close to understanding me at all..

But who cares really..



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