Thursday, June 08, 2006

Was out with Airisi today, haven't met her for ages.

Have been on the phone with her recently, had fun and laughter. So we decided to meet up for shopping since it was her day off. At first we went Suntec, hunting her watches and handicraft stuff, but couldn't find any. We had lunch @ Marche, sambal stingray and softshell crab! But it was only like the 2nd time I ate there, quite pathetic isn't it?

After lunch we went Bugis, and she bought the watch for $185. Quite a birthday gift for some guy I must say, but she kept refusing the idea of her liking him whenever I tried poking my nose around. Oh well..

Later on we ended up @ Orchard, walking around trying to do some shopping. But my shopping mood was so bad today, I couldn't find anything that suits my taste. Seems to me she doesn't like to have someone to shop with her as well, saying its weird I kept following her while she's looking at her stuff. Anyway I think things ended up pretty badly and we splited in the end, she going home via cab, while I walked to the MRT alone..

Perhaps we just don't click when it comes to shopping. Felt so sorry dragging her around aimlessly, it must have been rather boring. Its like so weird that nothing comes to my brain today, she have to keep deciding places to go and stuff. Doubt she'll go shopping with me again. Failed badly..

The same scenario actually happened days before too. Was out for beer and lunch @ Brewerks with a few army pals. In the beginning we had fun eating and chatting and drinking. But when lunch ended, you see 4 big man walking around aimlessly in town, trying to find things to do. Ended up heading home at the end too. It was like SO BORING..

Is it me or..?

Anyway I realised there are many places I have not been to before. Even town area looks so unfamiliar at times. Have I stayed home too much? Honestly my circle of friends have been shrinking at a pretty fast pace ever since army days. Think its time for me to get friendly again? Going out with her today really enlightened me quite abit..

So, who wanna date me out nowadays?
Hint: I wanna watch She's The Man.


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