Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Xmas is near.


Few weeks back i thought its goner be a beautiful blissful 25th. Who could have predicted that things will turn out to be the way it is? But i was too naive and rather believin in fairytales, can't really blame anyone else..

Anyway.. Bad news to my dear friends.. I havent did any xmas shoppin yet.. LOL..

Ho Ho Ho`

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There are many kinds of 'friends' in this world.

Some will accompany you till the end of the world. Some can't even stand 5 mins of your presence. Some can have all the fun in the world with you, but can't stand you the moment you cry. Some can share with you all your sorrow, but other than whinin there's absolutely nothin else. The list goes on and on and on..

The kind of friend i admire the most, is not someone who can be with you through all the thick and thin. Nor does he/she have to hear me whine all the time, or share my joy. Definitely doesn't have to be physically with me, doesn't have to be someone who hangs out with me all the time.

What i really yearn for, is a friend, who can 心谈心.

What do i mean by that? Someone whom i can talk heart to heart with. 3 very simple chinese words, yet its the most difficult to come by. Its really very rare to find someone in your life who can really understands you well. Fate ba?

I'm really fortunate to have all you nice friends around. All your encouragements, all your care, they make me go on.


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