Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Was walkin by this bird shop near my cafe this noon.
Saw a bunch of 老伯伯 mixin around, loud chattin.
A sudden thought struck me..

Why are these uncles, even called 'bird lovers' ?

Watchin cages full of birds that can't fly,
Only endless flappin, hopin to escape from their torment.
What do these uncles really enjoy?
Have they too, lost their wings, long forgotten the sky they once belonged?

What a twisted world..

Same goes for people around me.
Someone, heavily in debt, is goin for a holiday.
After draggin everybody in, he still gets to enjoy.
While someone else is workin his ass off for their mom's future.

I really don't blame him for bettin, you know.
It was his rottin soul, that pissed me off.
Blamin things like luck, heaven, 命.
But never himself..

Well, life still goes on.

I miss my past.
No doubt i have ever been tellin everyone else,
To look forward and live with no regrets.
But still..

Where was my die hard gang who used to hang around daily?
Where was the attention i used to get, in school and out?
Where was my happy life, when everyday was like a dream?
Where was the smile..

But ya, i can never turn back time.
So, forward, i shall.

Doesn't it ticks you off sometimes?
When you cared so much for your friends,
Yet they simply don't have you in heart?
And those whom you are tryin so hard to mingle with,
Carried on with their life without stoppin by?

Joe is back.
Its really funny how it feels.
Even though he was @ aussie.
Even though we haven't been hangin out much.
But he should be the closest person on this earth,
Who understands me most.
Perhaps its due to the days difference in our bdays.
If only he's a girl, ya?

Recently i got pretty inspired.
Have been readin Anntonii's stories.
Feel like takin up my pen once more.
Since i used to write alot as well.
My dreams.
My thoughts.
My own stories.

So don't be surprised, if you see a link someday.

So much more to write, so little time.
Just packed up, needa bath.
Shall get my well deserved rest.

I miss you all, my friends.


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UncleJosh said...

wordy post is definitely an interesting way of letting out your emotions...
congratulation on reliving your blogger's life