Friday, July 11, 2008

8 years ago, 17 was the age, young & innocent i was. Knew nuts bout r.s, broke many hearts i believe, before life really started showin any meanin. I met Min, it was love @ first sight..

A blink of an eye and gone were 2 years and months. How many times we quarreled, astronomic. On and off were our r.s, always patched with a hug or a kiss. We were selfish. We simply loved too much to give each other up..

Soon came our 2nd last episode. Seperate ways we went again, this time with a little twist. A guy came into the light. He was her childhood, her important family friend. Parents of both owned businesses u see? All along he was a menace, if he's referred as the light or good then i'll definitely be the dark or evil. He was perfect in many eyes; studies, physique, FAMILY. He was many years older, saw the world a few years earlier. But hey? take note, i didn't mention CHARACTER or PERSONALITY..

I dare not boast he was never our problem. I used to imagine he couldn't even be a fly in our sea of love. But i painfully underestimated him till i saw his real form. Hoverin all over, waitin for his victim to die from affection, he was a vulture. I lost to him, that once, and it turned our whole world upside down..

She had a group of sisters, 7 altogether. always clubbin, ktvin, u name it. That fateful night, drinkin was on the menu again. She was drunk as usual, and i was stupidly insane to ignore her calls due to my arse 19yo immaturity. He showed up that night, fulfillin his 'duty' to send her home. That father's son, he never took her home at all. She woke up cold, aircon blastin away, and she wasn't even dressed..

When she came cryin to me days later my knees grew weak, shakin. Damn the fear. i was shakin with anger! God knows how i really wanted to stab that prick 999 times! The next thing i knew was my immaturity took control, and i was almost sent to the police. Well, at least he had to see a doc, and stay there for weeks. He was lucky..

Things blown up and the families gathered. 1 demanded actions, 1 offered solutions. In the end, the conclusion, marriage. Protest sounded straight away by me and her, it was impossibly unacceptable! why suffer 2 souls for the sins of the sinner? That day was 23rd may..

Amidst the drama, a funeral came. Both my grandpa & favorite uncle left the world. My gramps had a stroke, we were all prepared. My uncle, he knew death was comin as cancer cells were growin too fast too strong and he almost couldn't have any treatment. My cousin, face to face, saw him departin that night. Cried my lungs out through the whole 7 days of funeral. She wasn't there with me. That day was 2nd june, and 7 days later, it was my enlistment on 9th june..

Who would have thought life could be so cruel? Leavin my r.s alone, i couldn't even settle down from my gramps & uncle's. I walked onto tekong with tears. Many thought i was a wimp. They didn't even knew. If i got guts, i would have swam back shore that very 1st night. Ever since the funeral i couldn't contact her. Hp went dead soon and after a long bloody queue for the public phone, all i hear was the lady's voice, she switched off her mobile..

2nd week nobody came visitin. Mom was busy and i told her not to. That painstalkin day i smiled to everyone when they intro gfs to me. That night, i punched my PC (officer). He was good to me, showed me care after tellin him my problem durin the weekly interview. But he spoke taboo. he spoke ill, of all the people in the world. Good intentions turned sour..

I wasn't charged. Instead my PC proposed to my OC (main officer) for my long weekend. I was so ashamed to face him. That long weekend really felt like ages, time passed so slow. I couldn't find her at all. Nice '7 sisters' did nothin to help out, insistin it was her instruction. In the end it was Rhishna the maid who told me she left sg for a holiday, with HIS family. I was devastated..

Monday back in tekong, i missed training the next day. She called on monday night. "It's the end for us", she said. 'Tired of defyin', 'endless apologies', 'its better for the both of us'; phrases so hard to forget. She was going to leave me alone and never to surface again, and claimed that was her love for me. Obviously then i couldn't understand. When i finally came to my senses months later, i knew. She meant to give me a sharp fast tight stab in the heart, a sure death. Rather than a slow torturin kill. Years later, we got in touch again. I realised her parents were actually plannin to divorce after years of seperation, and it was their daughter's plight that brought them together again. A sufferin to end another sufferin, what a twist of fate..

Since the breakup 1st july i was never myself again. Was given clerk status in camp even though i'm pes A. They could have thrown me into commando or SOF and let me drown my sorrows shootin some idiot JI mas selemat idiots. i guess that punch did have some effect in my blue interview booklet..

Army life was meaningless..
Till i met Inin..

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