Friday, July 11, 2008

What a day!

A few bunch of customers came for lunch, and i didn't realise they weren't 1st timers. Would have given them free drinks as a token of appreciation, if mom could tell me earlier. As i'm usually in the kitchen cookin, seldom was i able to interact. Seems like my cafe is gettin more regular customers nowadays? It shows my food is worth their visit ya. A really great confidence booster!

Aside to the regulars, the reservation of 20pax in the evenin went great too! The ladies really enjoyed their gatherin, and was happy i let them bring in their own red wines. Think they got a little too high, a few kept shakin hands with me, chattin and laughin away. They kept thankin me despite the fact it was them who gave me the chance, and i only gave a little 10% discount.

Mom says i'm such an auntie killer.

Well, kitchen is almost empty right now. Think i'll have to get up really early later and head for the supermarket. Yawns..

Chatted with winnie earlier in the day. I believe in horoscope, realised they are rather true to a certain extend. Like how love committed aquarians love freedom, homely cancerians are emo, dreamy pisces being friendly and easy goin, egoistic leo and their pride, perfectionist virgo, straight forward aries etc. My recent ex, she is an aquarian. Was complainin to winnie bout my ex's bad temper, lack of care and understandin, always askin for break ups without proper reasons, always flirtin around, blah blah blah. Until winnie told me she's aquarian too and not all traits apply to her. Heard vernice tellin me bout the same before as well. Perhaps, some factors are still pretty dependable on individuals?

Well, at least winnie managed to desuade me from condemin her fellow star sign, and i've learnt to love an aquarian's good traits. At least they are renown for their commitment in love, aside to my ex's case. Thats really what i look for in an r.s. Perhaps, i really won't mind datin an aquarian again..

But it still depends on Fate and True Love ya?

Joe finally decided to drop by today. He still looks the same! But think he can do better without that pony tail of his, erks me a little ha. Was a little rushed, as i was expectin the reservation people to step in anytime. Really hopin to chat more with him. He told me bout his friend who passed away recently after coma. Can feel the pain. Bout a close friend leavin him so young. Sigh, thats life, i guess..

I wonder hows kenny's family is doin, since he left us last year in the freak bike accident. And his gf, whom was supposed to marry him months later. They even had the date set. Really hope she is copin fine..

Have decided to dedicate a corner for my past,
Not to remind me how hurt i was.
But a place for my precious memories,
For me to be strong.

Wow, 2am soon.
Shall put a stop for today.
More to write tomorrow ya?
Stay tuned!


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