Tuesday, July 29, 2008

At my cousy's, drinkin.

I'm tipsy.
She's asleep.
The rest is slackin.

Mom broke into tears today.
Just because my shop is endin.
She is havin too much stress.
Just because of the useless guys @ home..

Gave her a deep hug, and said sorry.
Told her to give me more time.
Tryin my best to work out my future.
She's gonna get what she deserves..

Can totally feel what she feels.
The old chap irresponsible since the beginning.
Eldest debt ridden for life, maybe.
While i'm still nowhere there..

By the way, shop wise, its gettin somewhere. Meetin up soon with my leasors, gonna scare the shit out of them. Most prob they didn't know we gonna make them compensate, its gonna be fun. Well, assumin they won't agree so easily, guess its time to get engage in my 1st ever lawsuit.

How cool can it be..

Am thinkin of somebody.
Feels like somethin's missin.
Is it, just me?
If only she'll chat more..

Let me share somethin nice.

Meetin up for a mornin swim later.
Need my wink.


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