Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dozin off this very minute..

SK, Bryan & YT came over last night. Chivas, and a bottle of expired Bailey. Had mahjong too, i was the only loser, tough luck. SK & Bryan left in the mornin, while YT stayed till one pm plus. Opened for business as usual, didn't catch much wink till now..

Who is to blame, when a r.s turns sour?

J has been tellin me bout his heartaches. 3 years, aren't too long or short. It was his first love. Torn apart, dragged, tortured. That was what he felt ever since. It wasn't a clean break. He knew there were unsolved problems. Yet his heart longed for CH still..

"She had never once understood my pain. The days i had to work so hard, just to earn enough. All she ever said, was why i had no time to accompany. All the cash i spent on her, the meals, the dates, it was all from those hard work. But she simply couldn't understand.." said J.

But i thought, it wasn't her fault? What J wanted, was her to understand the hardship he took, to earn enough. The attention she seeked, he ever tried his best to provide, like spendin almost every night with her. But he didn't manage to understand what CH wanted as well..

From how J described, i felt that CH is someone who really requires attention. Perhaps at 27, she needed security as well. But to her, she doesn't appreciate him workin his ass off for her. All she ever wanted was a little more romance..

Conclusion? What he wanted, she couldn't give. What she needed, he didn't provide. It was merely a case of plain mismatch. Perhaps its somethin we all couldn't help. Even if they are able to get together again in future, most prob they can't last. At least, that was what he agreed on too.

When both can't compromise,
He may think she's wrong for not understandin.
But what makes him think he understood her in the 1st place?

So, when a r.s turns sour,
Nobody is at fault.
They just couldn't appreciate each other..

No point turnin love to haterd.
Be brave enough, accept the future.
For all we ever wanted, is happiness.

J, this song is for you.

By the way, did i mention?
I really can't stand bad temper.

Complain at the slightest wrong.
Yell at the slightest anger.
Whine at the slightest pain.

They only know how to spoil other people's day,
When everyone else is tryin so hard to be happier.
Even the best patience wear thin against them.




Mint said...

Hi Alan!

CBox had a textbox problem, so I can't type you a comment, so might as well say it here hehe~~ =P

Hmm... about your friend's case... I cannot say much. But just from the looks of things, the girl that your friend loved maybe abit of a materialistic type....? I don't know if you feel that way...

Why would I say that? Because I "feel" that your friend worked his bum off just to earn enough for her to spend...? I may be wrong, but those are just assumptions.

Is the girl working...? If she isn't, then she's living off his salary... that's no good... =/ Your friend and his ex might have a lot of arguments... Like you say...

He cannot understand her, nor can she understand him.

It's true that girls do want attention, it's normal. As the times when relationship gets stable, the sort of "attention" you want from your other half, lessens... I don't mean it dilutes, it's just... stable, so you would understand the reason what or why your other half is doing it. I've had the same and similar things happened to me. I've been though all that...

At the age of 27, as a female, I do understand, but... did she wanted something more...? An engagement for extra security? Also, was your friend ready for it? That could've been the reason...??

I hope I didn't make you feel like I'm trying to butt in. Or if your friend visits this blog and reads my comment, ended up coming here and kill me... haha!! =P


Zuko said...

thanks mint, i know your concern is out of good will, i'm sure he'll understand.

well, we are all but mere bystanders. there are no who is right or wrong ya, so she's materialistic or not, its not of an issue.

but them bein not suitable, i guess its just a cruel fact we all have to accept..