Friday, July 25, 2008

"No temperature.."
"No weight.."
"Ashes that will be blown with the slightest wind.."
"This is, Aki.."
"Someone I have ever ever loved....."

'Crying Out Love In The Centre Of The World'
This very show, ever robbed me buckets of tears.

Ever wondered how you will feel?
Just when you started growin up, you found your 1st love.
Just when you started lovin her, you felt happiness.
Just when you started feelin happy, she fell ill.
Just when you started acceptin the truth, she is goin to die..

You walked with her the very last chapter of her life.
You are her everything.
And for you, life has only but begun..

I wonder why love stories are always so perfect.
So attractive.
So lurin.
The true love.

The characters.
They must be Cancerians and Aquarians.
One steps out of his world to care for her for life.
The other spends everything in her life lovin his world.


If you ask me, I still believe in true love. I even believe in love @ first sight. I may even believe in lovin a perfect stranger. Nothin is impossible i guess, when it comes to matters of the heart..

Feelins play such a big part, isn't it?

Anyway. For those who may have not known, my cafe may be closin soon. Cash flow bein the least of problems, am actually havin troubles with my leasor. They have infringed the law, and i have to take action against them. Its gonna be bad long weeks..

After spendin tons of cash time and effort, can't believe its goin down like this. My virgin biz, my 1st baby. But well, its not the end of world? Lotsa opportunities around. Am already considerin my options. Guess my family's comfort gotta come slightly later..

Well, do come visit for a meal still, until further notice ya?
I gonna miss my own steamboat..

Take note.
No matter how bad things may be.
Believe in yourself.
Believe in life.
There will be many other routes.

Love ya all, my friends.


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