Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good luck always strike twice?

Business was exceptionally well today too. Unexpected reservations keep comin in, 14pax just now, 10pax more for tomorrow. Really hope things can keep up, and when the profits kick in, ray will get back all the fruits of labour. He has been a really patient & supportive good pal. Mine can wait =]

Had a really sweeet dream last night. A rather surprising one too, dreamt of my secondary school crush. Reminded me of the days i used to sing her songs via pager voice mail. Even deliberately borrowed CDs from her, learnin to appreciate her favorite singer. I didn't really try courtin her in the end, as she was attached durin a period. I knew i wasn't her type too. Though we have been good pals and meet up every now and then, but the feelin i had in the dream was so different.

I really woke up smilin..

Feelins play a major role in my life. Many have the impression cancerians being emotional are negative, i really beg to differ. I may be jottin down chunks of my thoughts in this blog, but does that means friends around me will suffer? We'll still have a great time partyin, chillin out together. I'm still full of smiles and laughter. Though i may think alot, but thats only because i love to understand things. And don't be surprised, its the very reason why pals love to confide in me.

Anyway, i can't imagine whats life like without feelins. Song writers can't write their songs, authors can't pen their thoughts, directors can't do their shows. Everyone will be so cold hearted. Life will be so meaningless.

Life is full of ups and downs. I'm sure everyone will have their emo day. Just that mine is 24/7. Usually in a good way too. Ha.

Finally am catchin the movie '10 Promises To My Dog' later. Its gonna be really good! Jap shows are always so meaningful, aren't they? Like Long Vacation, Beautiful Life, 1 Litre of Tears, etc, all teaches bout life. Just like romance shows teachin bout true love..

I wonder how many lovers are truly in love in this world.

It really sadden me when some couples have to bicker and seperate for really silly reasons. Must they really go through life & death to really cherish & adore each other more? Must they really be seperated by force before they realise each other is whom they wanted to grow old with?

Maybe sharyn was right. The fact i always go all out each time, got me banged onto the wall so hard. The move i loved, the deeper i was hurt. But askin me not to commit so much, that i really can't do either. Like a worker without heart, his work will always be half-fucked. If i really love someone, i really love her. How to not give her all my heart..

Really wish to meet someone who can really love like me.

Gosh, 4am already.
Better rest my mind.


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fornight said...

I am touched by your stories. maybe fate needs you to go through these relationships so that you can be prepared for the "very one" that you are waiting for. don't give up!