Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saw 10 Promises To My Dog today.

Such a meaningful show. Japanese are always that good in expressing themselves. Not solely was it bout doggies. If you can think deep enough, it really teaches you alot bout life. Growin up. Family. Relationships.

The message was brought across really neat. For us, 10 years may be just a blink of an eye. But for our dear doggies, they lived their whole life for us. Unselfishly, whole heartedly, we are their everything..

"If only guys can do the same?", those ladies must be wonderin.
Guess they really need good luck to meet really nice guys.
Like me? =X
Haha, ya right..


As we grow up, we experience new life. We may go to a new school, we may have a new job, and we definitely will have less free time. Things will start to get busy, and we will neglect things that were once important to our lives. Interests, friends, even our family..

When was the last time you gave someone close, a real tight hug?

We should, for we may never have the chance again. Don't take things for granted. Just when we thought life is still fine, the future is still bright, things might just disappear. Life is that merciless..


The whole cinema was in tears. A few climax and there were lotsa sobbin. I wasn't spared either. The feelin of losin someone close for good, it really hurts. It makes me treasure everyone even more..

The lady beside me was in tears too. Used alot of tissues i noticed. But she kept lookin at me. I wonder why. Maybe a man's tears are pretty rare? Think i was the only guy drippin wet. Saw some bfs yawnin away. Ha..

Rena Tanaka never fails to impress me. Her character, mesmerize me throughout. Though i did hate the fact she neglected Socks, treated her so bad in the show. But then she remembered her mom and the 10 promises at the end, and was there to accompany when Socks left. Well, Rena is still as pretty as ever.

1st noticed her durin my younger days. Think that was 1999? Bought my 1st and only biography book. Hers. Just because i saw somethin unique..

She wears a toe ring.

Funny isn't it?
But ya, thats what caught my eye.

My ex-starhub partner Miss Moo, who accompanied me watch the show earlier in the day, just flew off for Hokkaido for her 10 days tour. May she enjoy her little holiday. Bon voyage!

Well, just finished watchin Gundam 00. It was pretty neat, a different story from the usual Gundam Seed series. Can't wait for season II. Been a long time since i saw much anime. Miss the past when i have the free time to watch almost everythin. Connection just aren't fast enough to download in shop. Oh well..

Really miss those older ones, like Lodoss War & Sakura Card Captor.
Even 龙猫.

5am, so late again.
Tml is gonna be a really busy day.
Btw, did i mention business was good again today?
I must have met my lucky star.
I wonder who.

Take care, all my pals.
Meet up soon someday.


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