Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mandai Crematorium..

A place we won't wanna be? Each time we step into that forsaken place, cries will be heard, tears will be dropped. We'll all lose someone precious..

Joe flew back days back for his dad's funeral. I cancelled my mornin appointment to join him in the wake. Not much words exchanged, his heart was weary. Just a few pat on his back, hopin everythin is ok. And the heavy rain, it wasn't pleasin..

Quiet it was at the crematorium, till the furnace door opened. As the wooden coffin made its way, cries were loud. Even a stranger who had never seen the person journeyin to the neither world, dropped a few tears. I earnestly bowed. It wasn't an easy sight..

Life is just so friggin fragile?

Not only that we may just pass on anytime in our life, but the aftermath, bringin so much sorrows to everyone else. Though we all have to resign to Fate, when we need to go, we need to go. But, it just aren't somethin pleasant..

So, shouldn't we Cherish even more? Our families, our friends, our love. Nothin can be said when its all too late. Shouldn't we work harder with our goals, our dreams, and our life? Rather than whinin bout hardship, problems, and over a stupid worthless guy?

Someone just told me she's tired of livin last night. Asked her to take a visit at the hospital. HOW MANY TERMINALLY ILLED PATIENTS WOULD LOVE TO SWITCH PLACE? I mean, they are not even given a chance? I am damn sure they are ALL SO WILLING to exchange their short lives for our insignificant problems. Yet, someone as healthy as her, wished to end her sufferins? Give me a break..

Buck up ya.
Aren't we all fightin hard for our own happiness..

I will love to enjoy every moment i have,
With someone i truly love.

I dedicate yet another fav song of mine,
From yet another fav movie,
To everyone else readin my blog now.

Do turn on the volume loud.

Have a nice weekend everyone.


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