Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm BACK..

I'm a thai who come sg only for business trips and will return back home every month to enjoy.. ROAR!

Body is in sg, but why is my heart still stayin in Bangkok? Why is it so attractive over there? The customer service is simply top notch, everyone bow & smile to me. The shoppin malls, some easily top our very own Paragon or Vivo. The youngsters there are also duper vain & trendy, all so good lookin & pretty. 99% of them don't wear specs, made me threw mine in hotel since day 1. And believe me, all were so shocked when they tried chattin with Ray & i, but realised we aren't thai. Ahaha.

I totally miss the thai massage i had every night. Needless to mention bout food. There's this fried chicken roadstall near our hotel we bought each time we passed by, way better & cheaper than KFC! Their cabbies are soo skillful too, each drivin like Daytona lol. Chatuchak is a nice place, where i would really love to grab some little puppies next time i visit. THEY ARE JUST SO ADORABLE!! Anyway, we guys didn't do much shoppin other than for his gf. Cleared almost all the shoppin malls by Day 2.

Oh, we caught Wall-E! Such a nice show, but thats not the point. The cinema! Its so much more grand than sg's! Such cozy seats & cheap tix + popcorn LOL! We also had a dental appointment near our hotel, teeth cleanin is only bout 30bucks! Bought a thai magazine too, featurin some of their famous celebrities.

Kept seein these 2 young ladies on tv & lotsa other magazines.

Such a cutie! I pray my future daughter is gonna be as pretty xD

Last but not least, a friend we made in thailand.
Aren't she pretty?
But, ahhaa..
She's a ladyboy!
Believe it or not!

I'll start linkin vids again in my next post. Wanted to post the 'Bunny Magic Show' before the start of Wall-E movie, its friggin cute & funny. But youtube removed the clip. Zzz..

Thats all for today..


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