Thursday, August 14, 2008

An old nice song to share.

And Hermione is the only character i like in Harry Porter. I'm honestly not a big fan of the movie series either. Heard the books were way better.

Am pretty tied up recently, no time to blog. Have been settlin issues @ my shop, tomorrow will be the last day. Friday evenin i'm flyin off Bangkok, so guess its another few days before any updates. Till then?

Oh ya, i'm home. Moved back an hour ago, not totally done with unpackin. Really don't feel like so. It seems i'll be packin up and movin out anytime again. Almost laughed when i saw my bed. It laid there, for a year. Why am i back to square one..

Recently made a really sweeet friend. Never thought i'll msg her @ first, but she turns out to be someone i really enjoy chattin with. Hope this good moment gonna last a little longer than usual..

Quite alot in common. Both cancerians. Both love doggies. Both enjoy 'Phantom of the Opera'. She promised she'll watch with me when it hits sg again. I can't wait..

And this particular song, is my fav in the movie version.

I shall return, on 18th.
Take care, dear pals.


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