Thursday, October 09, 2008

Its been drizzlin these days..

Do you love it? You can't head out without gettin wet, be it your hair, your face, or your shoe. You can't jog, can't swim, nor can you play ball too. But hey, i love rain. Lookin out of the window, at the tiny droplets comin down from the sky, it gives me peace. Starin at people runnin across the streets tryin to avoid gettin wet, always makes me smile. When we were kids we even played in the rain, but i guess not kids these days..

But i love rain the most, is because when the droplets come and your face gets wet, it doesn't matter if you're sad. You can cry all you want, tears and rain, they look the same..

Who knows,
There may be this day,
You'll see me walkin in the rain again.

When i 1st saw 孙燕姿, it was durin poly year 1, when she was havin a autography session at bukit panjang plaza for her 1st album. That day, her singin captivated me. I was so surprised realisin she is a local much later. Till this day, i still love listenin to her songs..


And my fav of all, 眼泪成诗.

I took back basketball lately. God knows how crazy i was with it durin the school days! Practicin as early as 7am, till class started at 12pm, and playin with friends afterwards till lights off. All the night games durin poly years too, with PeiLai and QiWei etc. Gosh, how much i've missed those days..

But no matter how much i played, i'm still 172 since sec 2.

Been playin much recently, gettin back the feel i used to have. But neither am i as fast nor jump as high, guess my belly plays a big part ahaha. Even sprained my left 1st finger and pinkie, and they have yet to recover after so long. Argh, i'm feelin the age..

Time to show some kick ass actions!

Cool aren't they xD

Enough for today.
Shall pen more emo shit next time.
Let me end with a nice piano piece introduced by Sarally.

Yiruma - Kiss The Rain


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