Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Like the current song in my blog?

I can't help but repeatin it. Many thanks to my cousy Min-Gal for sendin me, its her 23rd bday yest! Same goes for Nel, 23rd today, who always get teased for comin out a day later. May them find meaningful paths down their life yaa. They are a pair of beloved cousys always..

I've been dreamin quite alot recently.

There were 3 parts of it last night. First of all, i dreamt of 2 poly friends HuiLing and JiaRui, bout them gettin ROM on the same day. Quite funny because the date is weird, and i'm not really on great terms with JiaRui already, even though we used to be buddies. Its rather disappointin how things turned out to be..

I was joggin down ECP with a beautiful doggie named Shawnie too! Maybe i'll really name my 1st doggie with the same name in future. That'll be so funny..

The weirdest of all, i was carryin two babies. They are my sons. Whats funny is i have no intention of gettin married in real life at all? Anyway there was this scene i let my aunt carry one of them, and he kept cryin. Then i rem sayin "乖, 让婆婆抱.."

I still can't figure out what it means.

I've been slackin pretty much recently. Met alot of new friends, been to alot of great places. Ever tried dinin at a outskirt of a airport, watchin both private planes and flies flyin all over the place? Well, we tried the buffalo wings there at only level two and it was already damn spicy. To think i could actually take chilli well? Imagine they offer up to level thirty..

Its called the Sunset Grill and Bar if i'm not wrong, near Seletar Airport. Try googlin bout it, should have info. No photos to show, unfortunately =]

Let me share some songs i've been learnin to sing lately.

动力火车 - 第二次分手

蕭敬騰 - 原諒我

Last but not least, a song introduced by 吴小姐.
光良 - 右手边

Havin the cravin for cyclin and singin these days!
Will be meetin Kaili this fri for ktv xD
Yet another nice oct baby hehe.

Hope someone can accompany me for cyclin too, since she's cravin for it as well. But she will never know nor willin to hang out with me, i guess. Its gonna be a dream..


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