Friday, November 07, 2008

I had never been disappointed as much.

It ended really badly, entirely different from the future i thought i could foresee. Things turned so out of hand, i actually regretted gettin into a r.s for the first time. It shouldn't have happened. I shouldn't have met her too..

My 3rd ex girlfriend.

When we first crossed path in May last year, she didn't give me a really deep impression. Didn't notice her existence at all, until the moment i heard her laugh. And believe me, it is LAUGH OUT LOUD literally. I can hear her so clearly way across the office..

Even after knowin she has a 5yo son, i fell in love. We got together a month later, and workin became so much happier. She loved me alot back then, even after i quitted the job months later. Everythin was really smooth and blissful, until the day i had family problems again..

I moved in to stay with her afterwards.

But instead of feelin joyous like newly wed couples, she didn't welcome me with love. Stayin under her roof, she made me felt like a refugee. In fact, i have a few other places to go back then, but i wanted to wake up and see her each mornin. A really bad mistake..

It was stayin together that revealed her true self. Gone was the image of her bein independent, she didn't even take care of the house nor her son well. When i first stepped in, the house was exactly like a dump, everythin was everywhere. And her son only came to stay when she's not tired. Ended up i'm the one cleanin up the place, cookin dinner, teachin the kid spellin..

I'm not sayin she's at fault for those.
She is who she is.
Just not the kind of wife i'll love to live with..

Months later, i actually got used to it. But somehow, she became busier each night. From a person with totally no friends, she started hangin out with her classmates. It was supposed to be good, since i had always advised her to befriend more people and not to be alone. But it became the same reason that doomed our r.s..

Soon, i caught her two timin me.

My heart shattered. I cried that night. Packed up my stuff and i moved home. That night, i vowed never to bother bout her again. The next day, she called. I moved back with her once more..

But it wasn't long before i caught her again.

That was the last straw. That day i moved into my steamboat cafe, before headin back home again after the shop was winded up due to legal issues. Till today, i have no idea how she is doin, and i'm totally not interested. Never was i so disappointed before. Never had i ever regretted so much. It was really rubbish..

13 months of my feelins, wasted, just like that.

A song to end this stupid post.
五月天 - 超人


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