Monday, November 03, 2008

Life is a travel.

When you think everythin is set in your favor, Fate puts many curves in your path. You halt and hesitate at every corner, just as the goin gets rough. Even one small twist can bring an entirely different place, or reduce the journey by half..

But at least you get to choose each turn as a consolation, and that determines your destination.

I believe everyone has their own destiny. For my passed-away grandpa, it is grandma. For my useless father, it is my beloved mom. As for me, it will definitely be somebody. I will cry for her, laugh for her, live for her. And in a hundred years, i will lay next to her, till the end of time..

I dunno who yet,
But yaa,

I love watchin or readin sad stories. They always remind me how fragile life can be, or how simple and easy love actually is. And perhaps thats how i have grown to appreciate my past and life..

Let me share with you 3 really meaningful thai commercials.

My Girl

Marry Me


Are you sheddin a tear yet?

They say in the center of a typhoon, there's no rain or wind, only tranquility. I say in the centre of my universe, there will be no regrets or hurt, only love..


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