Thursday, February 12, 2009

Do you believe in fortune tellin?

Am still seekin someone who is the real deal. A few i've been to, some used poker cards, some only calculated the brief with my birthdate, some asked me too many questions instead. None passed my first stage.

As a fortune teller, i expect them to, first of all, give me a detailed description of myself. If one manage to pin-point all my strengths and weaknesses till the point my jaw drops, BINGO, he/she pass! But again i'll prefer them usin a more professional approach to calculatin, rather than luck with poker cards. 紫薇斗数 is a really popular calculation in hongkong, where the heart of fortune tellin really is. Somethin like that :P

Why tell fortune? Its not like if my life is described like an emperor i can stay home and wait for fortune to come? But i just love these mysterious stuff. Just say that i'm a tad curious about the unexplained. Except ghosts. Supposed to consult one this evenin with KaiLi, but i miscalculated. Ended up with the fortune teller being booked right till March..

This month is a little packed for myself. Shoppin on 14th with Miss Wu, Serene's bday chalet on 21st, a bbq gatherin with Clarence, ST, Qin, and the rest on 28th. It's Ying's bday bbq too on the 28th, but i have already promised my army pals. Sorry, but lets look forward to our ktv next week? =]

Enough of words.
Time to share some songs.

I chanced upon this.

One of my fav from him.

My fav 燕姿 song.

Someone played the piano and sang this for me before..

Love the guitar strings.

From her 2008 album, nice!

Lastly, a really old song.

End of festivals.
May you all have a really great Feb.
Take care, my pals.


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