Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentines.

Spent the whole Saturday noon shoppin. I was late for a minute, got punished to treat Elaine ice-cream :/ but she was nice enough to walk through shoppin malls just to find me some nice clothes, so it's worth it. Imagine i went Zara and Topshop, both lackin the sizes i need? For a moment i thought i wasn't goin to get anythin yesterday..

But luckily Esprit had what i need. Total damage was about 150+, and she gets to sign up as a member straight. Just 2 casual shirts that i kinda need. We both bought a pair of ankle socks each too :)

We met up Bryan for dinner in the evenin after his SATURDAY CLASS.
After dinner, i met up with Lews and SK for tea.
After headin home, accompanied Jeff for his supper again.
Tirin day.

It was pretty funny how i spotted 3 couples quarrelin on the streets yesterday. I mean, of all days? I didn't really have a good impression of Vdays anyway. Every couple seemed so happy, huggin and kissin, gifts and love. But what happens 15th Feb onwards? Back to the same borin routine?

Everyday should be Vday, not just 14th Feb.

0:52 to 1:50 explained the meanin for this song.

Had a really crazy dream last night!

I was at Yishun Dam, with a group of people i couldn't recognise. I stood beside the railings, enjoyin the cool breeze. It was full moon that night.

Then, she just came over and said 'Hi'.

It was a hit off, but i couldn't recall her face.
A sweet and petite girl, her smiles were all over the place.
We chatted and laughed, and took alot of pictures.
And she mentioned her past, i realised her heart had stitches.

Then Jessica came, she seemed to be my cousy's friend.

The next thing i knew, we were at my cousy's place. She was huggin my arm, we were teasin Jocelyn's baby Jomaine. We were huggin and kissin the baby, takin 'family' photos together, then suddenly she whispered to me..

"When are we gonna have our baby..?"

I swear to God, i remember exactly what she said.

I even told her i want twins, and she said i'll need to marry her first cheekily. I asked her if that was a nod if i proposed, then she gave me the shrug action. Jessica asked what we were whisperin about, i told my cousy it's a secret. Then she just blurted out, blushin..

"I want to have his baby.."


There were more other sweeet scenes, but i woke up to Laosu's sms shortly..

I think i really saw too many couples yesterday.
Or perhaps i missed my cousy.
Or i kissed the cutest baby Jomaine's forehead too much.

I dunno what went wrong, to have a dream like this.
I haven't told Jessica yet, but i knew she reads my blog.
She's gonna laugh........................................


Speakin of marriage proposal..
If you played Chrono Trigger..
Here is a really sweeet vid..

The taste after a really nice dream is always bitter-sweet..

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