Friday, February 20, 2009

Like my new songs?

I've always enjoyed cantonese songs. Sometimes, they can really bring out some feelins mandarin words failed doin so. Tryin hard to pick up the language, though i seldom get to watch their dramas. Did my best learnin for a few ktv songs..

I still prefer this original version than Wei Lan's.

Speakin of ktv, i just did something really crazy.
My friend and i were on webcam and mics,
Then we sang ktv online..

How silly were we? : )

Today's gonna be a short post, i'm actually dozin off. Had a long day, met two customers from two corners of the island, you can imagine all the travellin i took. Needa rest more for sat's bbq chalet, if there's mahjong..

Let me share a piano piece to make you sleep.

Chances come and go all the time.
Sometimes they slip right through our life.
And it will be many years later, before we'll meet and realise..



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