Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its a little random, but 1am,
And Chu Jialin is still in meetin with her boss?
Good luck, lol.

I've been BUSY!

Friday was spent runnin around the island meetin customers from East to West. All the time burned on trains readin books and travel fares sucked by the Government weren't really pleasant..

Saturday was travellin all the way to Lews' office at Ubi to find out it is really friggin far. Not to mention celebratin Serene's birthday at Down Town East chalet while watchin Lord of the Ring and Legend of the Cordor Hero on tv. Oh yaa, i spent that night over at Lews' office, sleepin in a car..

Sunday was at Lews' office (how many times am i goin to mention this bloke's office?) the whole mornin until i met JingWen for ktv. Had a good sing, but i was so shag i didn't really talk much. She must have thought i am a quiet guy LOL. Anyway we only met for a short session and she left for dinner with her parents. Until next time..

Monday, blues, what else. Didn't reach home until over midnight, had a discussion with Lews again, and Bryan too. Brain dead by the time i got back. But i can sense something interestin is brewin. Hiak Hiak..

Today? The most happenin thing that happened to me was me havin 'chap chai peng' at two totally different places. Still wanna hear more?

Anyway, i just got home from dou hua session. Very giddy now, as though the auntie drugged my supper. I saw my bolster blinkin at me..

Some vids for the Chrono Trigger fans.
I seriously think this lady is talented.
Or maybe she just have too much free time.

My posts lack quality recently. Not sure if you quite get what i mean, but i'm merely postin wadeva that goes through my brain. Not my heart.

And it sucks.


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