Thursday, March 05, 2009

Best Friend?

Just as i am blessed to have many fine and carin pals, it came to me some nights ago that, i may not have a best friend.

Even though i hang out most of the time, for meals, kopi sessions, karaoke, shoppin, or simply chill outs, somethin still lacks within me. I don't feel complete.

What defines a Best Friend anyway?

Someone to stick to all the time?
Someone of the same frequency?
Someone who stays near enough?
Someone to share secrets with?
Or someone who thinks i'm upmost important..

To think of it,
More likely i lack a Soulmate instead.

Recent weather had been really playful.

The heavy rains caught me at the right time. Gettin stuck at home wasn't an issue, I fell sick anyway. No flu this time, just goin around coughin like a dog. I am too heated up, yellow phlegm instead of green. I even coughed blood this mornin.

But, its not that serious,
I'm recoverin steadily,
Thanks to all the liang teh that i bought.

I do hope the rainy season will clear away soon. Hardly head outdoors nowadays. Lookin forward to jump right back to my usual joggin and swimmin routine.

Like my new background?
Zettai Kareshi.
Thanks to Jeannie :P

Spent a minute takin the screen shot and fadin the pic. Hope this will do the job, since its easier to read now. No more complaints, alright?

Just Kiddin.

Show you guys what my dream girl will look like :X

Plannin out my future is really a piece of cake,
Because they are all theories.
Takin the first few practical steps, is the real pain in the ass..


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