Sunday, March 08, 2009

Took a look around.

A cramp room.
No promisin career.
Depletin saving accounts.

Are those what i've been really fightin for?

It is funny to see where i've landed on these days. Five years ago, i was still thinkin of clinchin a stable job and committin myself to corporate ladders after graduation. But a short two years four months in the army really opened me to reality. My family financial problem gave me a real good insight at my future. I gave a thought about myself, about my family, and decided that i didn't really have much choices..

That day, i made up my mind.

Several bumps entirely changed my life. I took up risky jobs which i thought i'll never ever consider. Had a few stints with property, StarHub, OCBC. Even started our very own cafe after meetin Ray. Never had i worked so hard in my life, spendin every single day in the cafe for months, cookin from mornin till night. And all were lost when a legal issue came..

I curse the landlord for her misdeed.
She bled two young men's dream dry.
All because of greed.

Since September 2008 i have been driftin, on a simple log that may just sink any day. Been eagerly pursuin the way of entrepreneurship, but everythin seems twice as tricky without my old pot of gold. Been meetin up with friends from all fields, rackin brain juice to establish anythin we can both deal with our expertise. But till now it is still disappointin with their lack of enthusiasm. There were ideas, but my partners seem unexcited. Perhaps they are still too comfortable with their predicted future..

Though i had never been much a keen student, it is still a dream of mine to graduate with honours. Without the huge family loan someone piled up when i was still servin my national service, i could be well on my way to university. But studyin became a further route to walk when holdin part time jobs will not suffice. Nevertheless, there will be this day i'll be back to textbooks and notes, like how i've been rackin up library books nowadays..

A wordy post, as usual.
Feels good dumpin all my emotions.
Especially when i'm seriously lost regardin my future..



Jeannie said...

ever thought of becoming a writer? =p i think u r amazing at expressing ur emotions and thoughts...

Zuko said...

this is the first time anyone has ever told me, that my words are worth a read.

thanks Jeannie,
you're my first fan..

PS: i'll publish a book and sell to you only, must buy :P