Monday, March 16, 2009

Why do boys and girls, fall in love?

Do they see something in each other's eyes?
Is it the thrill and adrenaline being together?
Or because of the very same air both draw upon?

There is no universal answer to my question. Or at least, that is my conclusion. But the crisis of couples breakin up and askin me the same old question over and over again, is somewhat exasperatin..

Why did it die?

Love is born from an individual's desire of one's companionship. What kindles the emotion truly depends on different mentalities. Some yearn for excitement, few look towards the future, and the rest, lust. But the truth is, we never much know or really consider our own requirements. Most of the time, we are lured into attraction. When (s)he stands right before us, we know..

And so i would say,
a relationship is formed,
usually in a manner of folly.

"So how do i fall in love?", you may ask.

Long have i pondered over the same query a million times. There was always this same variable from the various love equations i once tried to solve. It is always the same raison d'être why my heart beats.

How do we get to meet,
With such nostalgic feelins,
Out of the many billion others in our world?

The very same truth, avertin my beliefs from strayin, adorin her every vibe, and cherishin every moment the miracle of life endow us upon.

But the irony is, i have yet met my true 6.8 billionth soul.


Saturday was a massacre.

Out of the thousands of flesh i need to cleave aside for a path to walk, none was rewardin. Seems that the 'most successful' IT fair at suntec was nothin but a gag. I do agree they have the latest and cheapest wares, but it was more about the crowd that puts me off. I'm glad that either there ain't no terrorists or no able ones targettin sg. Such a good spot..

The crowd.

Other than loudmouths yellin prices away in the fair, you get to see huge men bangin everyone in their way. There were wimps who let their gfs pave the path as well. Not forgettin the funniest scene of everybody pushin each other to get on the escalator. Best part is, you need not worry about brochures and catalogs. They were all over the floor.

Such wonderful sights.
And they say sg is a clean and wonderful place.

Eventually, Bryan and i were out of the fair within an hour. Had ice cream instead thanks to the hot weather. Dinner at chinatown with Jean and my part Huixin was a thousand times more joyous. But what i liked most was the tea session after the great feast.

Welcome to the Tea Chapter.

Tea culture is more fascinatin than i assumed. More importantly, the ambience is great, they provide a chance to relax with their zen backdrop or even pleasure from playin little games, all while sippin fragrant tea. It was a great night.

Took a few photos.

Bryan and my part Huixin.

Jean and i.

A little game we played, me owned twice.

A little candid.

Buddies foreva.

I still think i'm not photogenic.
The person i see in the mirror,
is always different from the camera.

Last but not least, let me share a good show i rewatched recently.




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