Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a crazy Saturday night.

It was supposed to be a peaceful steamboat and drinkin session, but something went wrong in the midst and the birthday boy was drunk-ed in a record breaker of thirty minutes..

All it took was a bottle of red wine and waterfall.

I had my fair share of guilt makin life miserable for this poor chap, but i believe everything was paid off. Draggin him to the toilet four times and holdin the plastic bag for another four times wasn't funny, though the pub girls were laughin away. Ended up i was the one who drank his excess red wine anyway..

God knows how many times he actually spat on my hands yesterday.

A very big thanks for the rest of the group for makin such a wonderful night. Had it been the same night but with different crowd, it definitely wouldn't have been as fun.

Happy 26 dude!

Well, i was home around five in the mornin. Didn't really sleep well due to the throbbin headache. Woke up around nine, snacked abit for my empty tummy, and went back to sleep. But then i had a really sweet dream on the second attempt. It was a nice under-the-umbrella walk for the two of us..

The weather was rainin when i woke up.

I saw this clip at Jacq's blog.
Thought i would share.
It's lovin..

I am beginnin to desire for something else.


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