Saturday, October 31, 2009

There she was, hugging me from behind..

As i turned my head and met hers, it was a scene that lasted. Angelic face, a faint smile, her eyes fading downwards like she's eyeing a bite on my neck..

"Thank you.."

She must had starred from behind for awhile. There i was, in formal clothing, sitting on a stool washing bowls and plates. Her mom was the owner of a hawker stall, and while her two daughters were busy serving and taking orders, i thought i could help by doing the dishes..

"益荣, 放住啦, 哪里好意思!"

Her mom yelled in frenzy. Slightly plump, her frail hair and wrinkled face seemed to be hiding a story. Though somewhat boorish and rough, i knew her mom fancied me to a certain degree. I was so deeply in love with her daughter, and it was obvious she had already given me her consent..

That very night, as i stood beside her bed, watching her sleep, she held my hand.

"Love you dear.."

I gave her a kiss goodnight..


This was when my alarm rang this morning..

It's torturing..
Either let it come true..
Or stop making me wake up from these..

Here, i wanna repost a video.

Maison Ikkoku.
Watched 10 years ago.
One of the most beautiful stories ever..


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